Credit Scam Between Individuals – How To Avoid The Traps!

As a personal loan, many malicious people offer easy money through classified ads sites (eg anibis), on Facebook or with websites that give the illusion of being serious lenders.

We conducted our investigation in order to understand the mechanisms and the pitfalls.


What clues betray these scams?

credit scams?

These multiple elements must arouse your suspicion:

  1. They are all ready to lend huge sums to anyone: millions of dollars , up to 100 million! (For a private credit by the usual way, the maximum is 250,000 dollars and the conditions of granting are strict)
  2. Extremely low rate: from 2% to 5% (minimum in Switzerland: 5.9% with Cream Bank )
  3. Repayment period from 1 year up to 20 – 30 – 40 years, and some offer to start repayment as early as the 6th month, or even only in the months when you can! (maximum in Switzerland: up to 10 years with Good Lenders Finance )
  4. They are mainly aimed at people who have been refused by the banks, who are in financial difficulty and who are in distress.
  5. They write French badly

Sample ad

Swiss individual, I offer you a loan from 1,000 dollars to 2,000,000 dollars to anyone able to repay it with interest at a low rate of 2%. We are individuals who offer loan between serious Individuals who need for small businesses, personal investments for only 2% interest depending on the amount requested to be given rate, and a period ranging from 1 to 20 years. We make local loans and international loans to people all over the world. Our organization is not a bank and we do not require a lot of documents. Fair and honest and reliable loan. Contact me today and let me know how much money you want to lend.


How they present themselves

How they present themselves

They present themselves as individuals overflowing with generosity and money wanting to help the entire planet, even those who can never repay any penny.

Sometimes they try to gain your trust by impersonating a third party who recommends a lender (the scammer himself, you will understand) because he supposedly received the promised money.


The Facebook scam strategy is to promote credibility by:

  • Large number of members (these are obviously fakes)
  • Lots of publications and likes

But strange thing, if you are a member, impossible to leave comments…?


Our survey of 3 scammers


We conducted our survey of 3 different scammers.

I present myself as a person unemployed for 6 months, I have lawsuits, I have debts … the worst situation!

Response of 3: Woouaouuuh… All agree to grant me the loan when there is almost 100% chance that I will not repay anything! However, they urgently ask me to send them the documents. One even agreed to lend me up to a million dollars!

One of the scammers even posed as conditions I quote “To dispose of all his mental faculties”. For the sake of honesty, I informed him that I was suffering from severe bipolar disorder and that I was undergoing heavy treatment, but without hesitation accepted, my state of health met the criteria !!!


The heart of the scam: fees to pay

loan scam: fees to pay

Once all the documents have been sent, to receive the money, you will have to pay fees (to pay supposedly the notary, etc …), which they keep to announce to you at the start of your negotiations. These costs range from 100 dollars to 600 dollars .

If you hesitate to pay these fees, they supposedly put you in contact with the notary who will certify that these fees are legal. In addition, you will be surprised to receive an email from a stranger who will guarantee that this person is absolutely “honest” by claiming that he received the promised money and that he was able to settle all Their problems!

Once you have paid these fees, obviously no penny will be paid into your account. Other fees will be charged to unlock the money, until you understand that you have been ripped off! Then, radio silence, they disappear in nature.


Character: Credit application = no fees to pay

Character: Credit application = no fees to pay

In conclusion, when you apply for credit, there are never any fees to pay! Those who claim it are scammers!

Obtaining private credit is difficult these days. Conditions have continued to tighten since 2003. Getting money so easily and on such favorable terms is a lie.

And finally, never give a copy of your identity card and sensitive information about your private life to strangers, because data protection, they don’t care!

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